How can people submit to my box by phone or text?

You can add a phone number to any suggestion box to receive incoming submissions by voice or SMS text. Please contact our friendly sales team to enable this feature on your account and choose a phone number with your preferred area code or country code. A phone number gives you more channels to receive feedback and helps to comply with whistleblowing laws and mandates.

Submissions by phone

The unique phone number for your box will appear on the box's web page. 

When someone calls and leaves a voice message, managers will receive a transcript of the recording along with the audio recording itself, with the voice modulated (disguised) to maintain anonymity. The recording and transcript will also appear in your Suggestion Ox inbox.

Submissions by SMS text

When someone sends a text message to your box's phone number, managers will receive a transcript of the message by email, and the message will appear in the Suggestion Ox inbox. The person who sends the message will receive a unique link in reply which will allow them to send further details or check for direct replies.

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