What are direct anonymous replies?

Check out this tutorial to see direct replies in action!

The direct anonymous replies feature allows you to have a truly anonymous, two-way conversation with people who submit to your box. When enabled, this will add an email address field to the reply form. If the respondent includes their email, you will be able to respond directly to them. (We don't share their email with you, and it is encrypted in our database for security.)

To enable direct replies:

  1. Click the "Edit" from the Action menu button for that box.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. Toggle Direct Replies to ENABLED. 

You have the option of making the email address a required field, if you want to ensure that people can only submit if they include an email.

When a respondent includes their email address, you will be able to respond directly to their suggestion, and they will be able to respond back. It's a truly anonymous two-way conversation. (To maintain anonymity, you won't be able to see their email address.) You will see who on your team replied to them. You can reply to one another anonymously as many times as you like as part of the conversation.

Can I reply to someone if they don't provide an email address?

Yes, provided they save a link to their private reply page after submitting to the box. After submitting to the box, the submitter will be given a unique, private URL to view replies and post additional information. If they do not provide an email address, they MUST bookmark this private URL at the time they make their submission.

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