How do I let my team vote on incoming suggestions?

By default, all incoming suggestions are private. However, you have the option to share any incoming suggestion publicly with your team and (optionally) allowing them to vote on the idea.

Step 1. Enable voting.

Sign into Suggestion Ox, from the Actions menu button click on EDIT, click on the Options tab and look for the voting section.

Choose ALLOW UPVOTING AND DOWNVOTING if you want your team members to be able to give thumbs up or thumbs down to a suggestion. Choose ALLOW UPVOTING if you only want team members to be able to "Like" suggestions. Click Save.

Step 2: Make a suggestion public

Team members can only vote on a suggestion that you've made public. To do so click to view any suggestion and then toggle the public sharing button to SHARED.

Now any suggestion that you've made public on your public page will allow for voting, and you'll see totals on the public page.

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