How do I share an incoming suggestion with my team and add my response?

Learn how to make submissions public and add public replies with this tutorial. 

By default, all incoming feedback in Suggestion Ox is strictly private to the box owner and any managers/administrators. But for any incoming suggestion you have the option of sharing it publicly with your team on your public page.

To share a suggestion:

1. Log into Suggestion Ox and click to view any suggestion

2. Click on the SHARED/NOT SHARED toggle button.

3. [Optional] Add your response and click Update.

If you have shared at least one suggestion, your team will be able to navigate to your public page via a link on the feedback form. You also have the option of password-protecting your public page for more security.

When they click on Read Responses it will open up a window showing all the suggestions you've replied to publicly. 

They can click on any of them and see what your reply was as well as vote on them. 

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