How do I hide the Subject field?

By default, your suggestion form contains a Subject field, similar to how an email message contains a Subject. Typically, your respondents will enter the subject of their message in this field. For example: "Requesting healthier snacks in the break room."

But sometimes you might prefer to omit the Subject field, for instance if you are polling employees on a specific topic, or if your box only has one logical subject. In that case, omitting the Subject field is easy

1. Log into Suggestion Ox and from the Actions menu button for the box you want to omit the Subject field, click Edit.

2. Click on the Design tab at the top. Look for the section titled  Form Fields

3. Click on Hide.

If you have AI Subject Enhance enabled on your box, we'll use AI to try to detect the subject of the incoming submission and display that for you. If you do not have AI Subject Enhance enabled, new submissions will appear in your box labeled with  [No Subject]. Luckily, it's easy to edit or rename the Subject after you receive the message, if you desire. 

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