How do I use custom fields?

By default, each suggestion box has a single field for replies. However many customers want to capture additional information such as the respondent's department, zip code, or even name (if you choose not to make replies anonymous). Enter custom fields!

Click Edit next to your box's name and look for the "Add Custom Field" button. You can create three different kinds of custom fields:

Text Entry – A single line of text.

Comment Box – A multiple-line box for longer responses.

Dropdown Menu – Provide specific choices for your respondents to choose (such as "Department").

You can rename or re-order custom fields after you create them. Click Edit to rename, or drag to re-order.

If you no longer need a custom field you can delete it if you haven't received any suggestions that use the field. If you have already used the field you cannot delete it (because you'd lose your data) but you can disable it so it no longer appears on the response form.

Data you receive in a custom field never goes away, even if you disable the custom field or downgrade to a plan that doesn't include custom fields. Information you receive is yours to keep forever. 

The export to CSV function will include all custom fields and data as well.

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