Can we upload files or attachments with a suggestion?

Yes! On our Silver or Gold plans, you can add a custom field that will allow a suggestion giver to upload files with their suggestion. You can even set it up so you have more than one file upload field on a box (for example, one for photos of a violation, and a separate field for an incident report form).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Uploaded files are scrubbed of metadata, to help protect the identity of the person uploading the file. This does not affect the contents of the file, but removes potentially identifying data such as author, creation date, location, and other details.

To add a custom field go to My Boxes. Click on the Edit under the Actions menu button. Go to the Design tab. Then under FORM FIELDS click on Add Field. Name your field. Under field type, select File Upload. Then click Save Field.

Now when suggestion givers leave a suggestion for that box they will have the option to upload a file (or multiple files) for you to see.

When the suggestion comes in, you will be able to open up the attachment they have shared by clicking on the file.

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