Can I respond to suggestions?

Yes! We offer Direct Anonymous Replies as well as Public Replies. 

If you have a plan that supports Direct Anonymous Replies, enable this feature to include an email field on the response form. 

When a respondent includes their email address, you will be able to respond directly to their suggestion, and they will be able to respond back. It's a truly anonymous two-way conversation. (To maintain anonymity, you won't be able to see their email address.) You will see who on your team replied to them. You can reply to one another anonymously as many times as you like as part of the conversation.

Some plans also support public replies:

After receiving a suggestion, log into Suggestion Ox to view the suggestion. You'll see an option to post a public reply on your public replies page. 

Everyone authorized to submit suggestions will be able to view your public replies. You can password-protect this if you want to make sure only select people can give suggestions and see replies.

When they click on Read Responses it will open up a window showing all the suggestions you've replied to publicly. 

They can click on any of them and see what your reply was as well as vote on them. 

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