How do I assign an incoming submission to someone else in my organization?

This tutorial shows how to assign a submission to a member of your team.

As submissions come into your box, you may want to assign an owner so that person can reply, research or take action. Assignees can either be a manager/administrator on your box, or someone you've added who only has Assignee permissions.

Assigning to another manager/administrator

Simply click to view the submission and look for the Assignee box:

You can view or change the assignee to any existing manager/administrator.

 Adding someone who is not a manager/administrator

To add someone who is not already a Suggestion Ox manager/administrator you will need to add them to Suggestion Ox. To do so:

1. Click to Edit the box.
2. Click on the Managers tab.
3. Click "Add New User" and add someone with Assignee permissions.

Once you've added the person as an assignee, you can return to the submission and follow the instructions as in the section above.

About "Assignee" permissions

Someone who is granted Assignee permissions can only view or take action on submissions that are assigned to them. While a manager or administrator in Suggestion Ox can see and take action on all incoming submissions, someone with the permission of Assignee will only have access to specific issues that are assigned to them.

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