How do I enable or disable sentiment tracking?

Suggestion Ox can automatically detect the sentiment of incoming submissions and display an icon to show positive or negative sentiment:

To enable or disable this feature, go to the Actions menu button, click on Edit Box, then click on the Options tab, and choose Sentiment Analysis:

Frequently Asked Questions

Some incoming submission do not display a sentiment icon

If the message has a mixed sentiment, or we cannot detect the sentiment, you will not see an icon. We only show the analysis on a message where there is a clear positive or negative intent.

None of my messages are displaying sentiment

Ensure that you have the feature enabled (see above). Also be sure you are on a plan that supports sentiment analysis. Some legacy plans do not support this feature. Contact support for help moving to a plan that includes sentiment analysis.

Are people at Suggestion Ox reading my incoming messages?

No. All sentiment analysis is performed by machine learning. No humans are looking at your messages.

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