What is Limited Trial mode?

If your account is in Limited Trial mode, you can do almost everything that you could do in your full trial except receive new submissions to your boxes. (You can still receive test submissions sent by any box manager.)

Limited Trial mode allows you to get everything perfect in your account before deploying to your organization. Reach out to your account manager or our support team if you need any help with setup and rollout planning.

In Limited Trial mode you CAN:

  • Create and customize boxes, add and change fields, set options.
  • Send replies to existing submissions and make existing submissions public.
  • Add or change managers and administrators.
  • Tag, archive and export submissions.
  • Receive new test submissions from managers and administrators (as long as they are signed in to Suggestion Ox).

You CAN'T:

  • Receive new submissions from anyone who is not a manager or administrator on your box. Anyone who is not a manager or administrator on a box will simply see the box as closed to new submissions.

Once you've gotten everything set up perfectly in your account, either enter a credit card to activate your account or contact our helpful sales team or your account manager to make payment arrangements.

I need to test for longer. Can I go back to the full-featured free trial after switching to Limited Trial mode?

Yes. Please message our sales team or your account manager.

I can't send any test suggestions in Limited Trial mode.

Make sure you are signed in to Suggestion Ox.

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