How do I add additional managers or administrators?

With Suggestion Ox, it's easy to give additional people manager or administrator access to your suggestion box. Here's how:

  1. From the Actions menu button for the box for which you wish to add managers or administrators to, click Edit. 
  2. Click on the Managers tab.
  3. Click "Add New User"
  4. Choose the user's permission level (see below)

User permission levels

You can choose between three different permission levels for users:

ADMINISTRATOR: This gives the user permission to do everything with this box. They can read, reply to and delete suggestions, add and delete managers and administrators, and change any of the box settings. They can also do destructive things like delete the entire suggestion box, so give out this permission wisely.

MANAGER: A manager can read, reply to and delete suggestions, but can't add or delete additional managers or administrators or edit box settings.

ASSIGNEE: Can only read/reply to submissions that are assigned to them.

EMAIL RECIPIENT: An email recipient receives new suggestions by email, but can't access the box itself to read past suggestions, reply or delete. This is a good user level for someone who needs to be "in the loop."

Email notifications

When you create or edit a user, you can choose whether they receive email notification of new suggestions. If this option is unchecked, the user will not receive any emails from Suggestion Ox when new suggestions are submitted, and can only see suggestions by logging into the box. (And yes, it is possible to set someone with Email Recipient permissions and then not send them emails. That's weird, but we allow it.)

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